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Panacea's FREE Resume maker How to write a resume, share, store and print your resume in a few simple steps, many styles and options with tips to guide you. Easily update and edit your resume. We Allows employers to view your resume 24/7 from anywhere in the world to get a better job and also you can add your photograph to your resume to make it look more professional and impressive.

Panacea's Resumeplus free resume maker allows you to preview your resume at any point in the creation process. Editing your free resume can be easily performed at any point in the creation process. Upon completion you can print your online resume or download with 37 professional resume templates.

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The Resume Plus is all about service. We have created tools and partnerships to enable you to Get Hired Now. Below are features that our subscribers receive.
(NEW) You can add your photograph to your resume to make it look more professional and impressive.
(NEW) Panacea's with over 37 well-designed resume templates for you to choose, you're only two steps away from your perfect resume, just login and create your resume online.
(NEW) Free online Resume Hosting We Allows employers to view your resume 24/7 from anywhere in the world, to get a better job.
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Login and keep your resume up to date.
Advice and examples to guide you through the process.
Receive your resume via email in a Microsoft Word Document.
Easy to use, finished result in minutes.
Resume designed by a executive resume writer.
Print your Resume, Cover Letter and References.
Intelligent spell checking.
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Write professional email cover letters.
24 hours support
Print directly from the web
Packed full of examples, phrases, and action words to use
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Great Cover Letter.

Once you have used Panacea's Resume builder.& great cover letter services. Then definitely you have satisfied with our resume services as per your specification & your choice. Because website has a knowledge specification about standardized resume format specification in a professional & in standard format that are required for a professional persons. These all features are provided in this site. which can create a great resume.

As resume & cover letter both the tools are important while we are going for an interview purpose. So we have to prepare these two tools in a correct format & in standard format as per a professional resume format requirements. Before we are applying for a job in respected company we have to forward/Mail our cover letter to a HR department of that company. Then after viewing your cover letter / Or if they match your key skills as per their requirements then they can shortlist your name for next round. So cover letters are important. Also there is a same importance/weight-age to the cover letter & resume. Also in cover letter we have to explain each point in short but we have to mention it clearly.

After creating a cover letter we have to create our resume. In resume section we have to explain our all details in brief as compared to cover letter. In cover letter we have to explain it in short. But in resume there is no any condition. Mostly in cover letter we have to explain only our positive things & our achievements & our career objective points & our educational background in short. While creating a resume/cover letter we have to use the standard font size/font family.

After completing a creation of cover letter we have to take out a print out in a laser/bond paper. So that it may look professionally. Also what quality of paper you are using it also matters. So you have to use it very carefully.

At last after taking printout of cover letter you have to sign it on your respected cover letter in your signature section Or if you are sending a soft copy of your cover letter by an E-mail you have to attach your signature copy at bottom right. Because it looks more professionally than sending it without a signature copy.

Once again I appreciate to the users who are using our great cover letter/resume services of Panacea's site.If you want your cover letter/resume in more standard format than current then you may contact us we are happy to provide a service to you at any time.

"Thanks for convincing me that you were the person to redesign my resume and cover letter. As a product development professional, I know quality is the #1 criteria. You're very talented. Again, thanks."
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-Carla, UK